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Here are my random thoughts in no particular order


-VMI team looked a lot better.  Cadets were charging up the field.  I didn't see any of them hesitating, but I did notice Warriner, Brubaker, & Ruane made some really aggressive moves to get up the field.


-Ashley was a beast, he always is.


-Refing on the back side of the field was terrible.  Refs grouping up and actually walking away from firefights.


-Tanks were cool.  I've never seen some many big vehicles on one field at the same time.


-Bunker tags weren't as stupid as I thought they might be.  Still don't think I would do that at Big Pearl.  I love he adrenaline rush of having to clear a building.


-The amount of shooting in Sim City was intense.  Didn't like that a tank could just shoot a building and take out everyone inside.  The game turns into who can kill all the other teams tanks.  Different & competitive, but not my cup of tea.


-Liked the para trooper idea, but not the command heirachy of having to wait two hours to go in.  I want to play paintball.  I think I would rather have had random mission called in for the paratroopers.  I like the special forces idea.  The SF would get different missions and be taken to seperate parts of the field then released.


-Really enjoyed getting to know everyone from VMI.  It was also good spending time with Matt, Ashley, and Brent.  Didn't get to see as much of Jimmy and Red, but from the sounds of it they were busy having fun too.


-Lots of vendors.  Good to see VMI cadets getting some much needed new gear.  We will be much more competitive in future events.


-Axe worked like a champ.  Rotor did not. The power button got stuck in.  I got it to work, but it was annoying.


-Way to much under brush for my taste.  Would have liked to have more connecting bunkers to allow for more fluid game play.  Field seems very defensive.  Unless of course you mass your players, nobody call out when they get hit and you charge up the field.


-Some major safefy concerns.  netting in Sim City was only about 7 feet high with a downhill grade leading to the netting it's a miracle that nobody has been hurt.  I guarantee you their insurance company doesn't know about that.  Also found nail were I was setting up.  Command Decisions needed people policing the camping area and entry points.  Lots of missing barrel sleeves, people taking masks off early.


-Would have been nice to have someone there to take pictures and watch our gear.  Nothing stolen, thank God.


-Hotel was way to far away.  My bad on that one.


-I walked through a drive through b/c it was all that was open.  Probably not the best idea.  I almost got run over.


-I think I enjoy smaller games more.  The refing gets to watered down.  Players get hit so much you can't tell what's old hits.  In the thick of a big game its just to easy to cheat.


-For all the poor refing I actually thought the players were fairly honest comparded to other events I've been to.  Which doesn't say much b/c I've seen some bad cheating.


-Cheap paintballs were way to hard.  My finger went numb on day two when I got hit from 30 yards out.  Nobody was checking velocity on the field so players may have been turning their guns up, but I still think part of it was the paintballs.  Higher end brands seemed to work better.

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Comment by Carpenter Bee #6 on November 30, 2011 at 1:42am

I enjoyed this post.  

p.s. you're a beast too J. ;)

Comment by Big Pearl Paintball on November 10, 2011 at 4:23pm

I might go back next year, but only to advertise Big Pearl.  There were hundereds of people asking me about the field.


-Also it was cool to be able to run and slide in Sim City with the nice grassy field.  Can't exactly do that much in Glasgow.  Way to many rocks.


-Way to much under brush with very few connecting/attacking bunkers.  I kind of felt like this was left this way intentionally to get players to waste lots of paintballs.  Game play turned into who could sling the most paint.


-We switched teams b/c Warsaw Pact had a 1.7 to 1.0 advantage.  It was hard to find targets on the Warsaw Pact team.  Got to shoot a bunch more on Nato.


-Seemed like a lot of animosity has built up over the years between these two sides.  Some people need to realize it's not fun when players take it to the point of almost getting in a fight over a paintball game. 


-I'm happy we got to play with both sides b/c we got to meet a lot more players that way and it evened out the teams more.

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